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Friday, February 6, 2015

Hey, want to go on a cruise with us?

One additional new twist in what we are trying to do with families is conducting parenting and marriage and family classes and discussions on CRUISES. We have discovered that a cruise is a fantastic place to get to know people and to have the unpressured time to really get into meaningful discussions about the important relationships in our lives. We concentrate on “Empty Nest Marriage and Parenting” and on Grandparenting as well as on life-balance in various stages of life.

When we give normal speeches, the evening ends and everyone goes home and that is it. But on a cruise, everything changes.  We do our presentations and then there are lunches and dinners and other opportunities on board to extend the discussion and delve more into personal issues.

We just finished two cruises these past two months to the Caribbean and had such delightful experiences and discussions with the fellow cruisers in our group…
SO….we decided to do it a couple more times, one cruise to Italy and the Greek Islands in September and one to Fiji, New Zealand, and Australia next January.  For details take a look at Italy & Greece Cruise 9.10.15 and at Australia New Zealand Cruise 1.6.16.

We will be the marriage and family educators for these cruises and Michael Wilcox, who we love, will be the special educator who will give us the background on all the places we visit.

Why don’t you come along? Think about it!  And if you do end up signing up, mention “The Eyres” and they will give you a bit of a discount. And you will want to hurry—the Italy and Greek Island cruise is almost full.

And pass the word to others that may have an interest.

As we have mentioned to you before, we are also VERY excited about the new Joy School 2.0 that will be ready for next school year.  This great and venerable preschool program that has served two generations of kids was ready for a face-lift and a thorough “modernizing” and that is happening.  Let your kids and friends and anyone else know about “The New Joy School” and that it will be available to those who sign up for Joy School this summer.  We will also be starting a new website called which will feature some of the great work now being done for families by our kids (For example, our daughter’s blogs—check out and; and websites—look at

Friday, January 9, 2015

Happy New Year from our house to yours!

An idea for the New Year that we hope will improve your parenting and help your family in 2015

As we think back over the years, we realize how much our lives have been enriched by you who have supported and been interested in our efforts to Fortify Families by celebrating commitment, popularizing parenting, validating values and bolstering balance--who have read our books and done joy school and followed

We were trying to think of an appropriate New Year's gift that we could give you.  It's not much, but one thing we thought of was the new youtube channel we are working on.  We are not going "public" with it, because it is a work in progress, but we want to give it to you, and all of our long term friends, as a New Year's present.

Just go to and subscribe.  Then you can watch as we improve the site over the next few months, and hopefully, in the meantime, you will benefit a bit from it before others know about it.

The basic idea is to share some of the tried and proven parenting and marriage relationship ideas we have worked on over the years--and to do so in brief little 5 minute "recipes" that parents and marriage partners can absorb quickly and "taste" and try out to see how well they work in their own situations and their own families.

The second gift we want to give you, somewhat belatedly, in 2015 is a completely new version of Joy School....updated, improved, modernized, and designed for today's busy moms.  We are calling it Joy School 2.0 and it will be ready to go in pieces, some as early as this spring.

So, with that, best wishes for a wonderful 2015.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Happy December and Merry Christmas!

It is always so great to have the extra family time that the Holidays give us.

We want to call your attention to the "yellow box" on the home page where you can "Keep up with us" and click to the various TV, blog, and other media things we are doing.

As our "Christmas Gift" to members and our other friends and followers, we've started a couple of new things that we think will be helpful to parents in their parenting.  Both are "quick studies" where you can get a good family "recipe" or idea without spending a lot of time on it.  Just go to the yellow "keep up with the Eyres" box on the home page and click on the new "parenting podcast" link. It will take you to our new youtube channel where you will get little 5 minute video podcasts on things like talking to your kids about sex and establishing family traditions.

Then click on the "family share" articles link which will take you to short, proven marriage and parenting ideas that you can try quickly, just like a new recipe. Many of them will be seasonal, like the one on how to separate Santa from Jesus so that kids will not stop believing in one when they stop believing in the other.

We have not publicized the youtube channel or the familyshare articles very much yet, because we want you, our members and friends, to try them out first.  Please send along your feedback and comments on them both.

And most importantly, have a great holiday and Christmas season with your family!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Well, we hope you had a happy Halloween, but to be honest, it is not our favorite holiday (see our latest article and there is also a good Joy School article there by the way)--our favorite is Thanksgiving.  You may already know how partial we are to Thanksgiving because of the annual Thanksgiving card we always send out.  It is (or can be) the most wonderful family holiday of gathering and of love-sharing!

In fact, we love Thanksgiving so much that we now have a brand new book out called The Thankful Heart
.  It will be of special interest to you because it kind of charts our own family's journey into the joys of thanks-giving--a journey that has lasted 40 years!  We also love that the photos in the book (there are lots of them) were taken by our daughters Saydi, Shawni, and Eva and by our sons Eli and Josh!

Let us also update you on a couple of other things:  Joy School 2.0 (fully updated and modernized) is well on its way toward being totally re-written and re-organized for next year.  It will retain all of its wonder and the original Joy that has always attracted parents and kids.  But it will be written for this decade and for today's kids and parents.  You are gonna love it!  When you think about it, Joy School was ahead of its time--it has always provided a less expensive and more effective way for moms to teach and for preschoolers to have a great and joyful experience.  But it is now better than ever because everything can be obtained and shared on line!

The other thing we want to share this month is the growing synergy between what we do at and what our daughters are doing for parents on their blogs and websites.  Honestly, sometimes it takes our breath away to see how perfectly their ideas and approaches fit today's world and today's families!
If you haven't discovered them, take a quick look at,,,, and

Thanks for being great parents, and thanks for staying in touch with us and with

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Happy October!

You gotta love this time of year! Kids back in school, family routine settling in, cooler’s all good!

We want to be your personal parenting consultants, and this month we have some specific and, we think rather urgent advice for you.

Parenting has never, ever been harder than it is today. Raising responsible kids in this crazy and complicated world is just plain tough! Our kids are part of so many cultures—the peer culture, the media culture, the materialism and celebrity culture, and the Internet culture; and all of them seem determined to work against the values we want to teach our children.

How do we make our family culture stronger than all these other cultures that swirl around our kids?

We think the best place to start is with an organized, pro-active program for teaching your kids the values you want them to have—values that are often opposite of the values (or anti-values) that they are picking up elsewhere. 

It is all fine and good, even wonderful, to have our preschoolers in Joy School, and to have the fun experience of helping them to be happy, well-adjusted little kids. But once Joy School is over and kids head off to “real school” we parents need to toughen up and to get very, very serious about systematically teaching them true values to live by.

SO HERE IS OUR ADVICE TO YOU: “Graduate” your kids directly from Joy School to Alexander’s Amazing Adventures, ValuesParentings wonderful and creative program for teaching one value per month!

As you know, kids between 5 and 12 love the Alexander series, and will listen to each monthly episode (each value) over and over again. And as you also know, Alexander is NOT a video or screen-based game. OUR KIDS GET TOO MUCH VIDEO—TOO MUCH SCREEN TIME, and the Alexander series is the opposite, with brilliant audio and musical stories that use kids imagination and allow them to “see” things on the monitors of their own minds.

So if you have kids over five, get the first Alexander unit (HONESTY) and we promise you two things: 1. Your children will love the car, at home, on their ipods, and 2. You will love the humor and entertainment of the stories yourself and it will open up lots of “values conversations” between you and your kids.

One more thing. If you don’t have our new book THE TURNING, order it right HERE.  It will motivate you not only to be a more pro-active parent yourself, but also to join a movement for stronger parenting at

Monday, September 8, 2014

Welcome to the New School Year

As parents we tend to think of our years from Fall to Fall—from school start of one year to school start of the next year.  So we wish you a Happy New Year!  Lets make it the best year ever for our kids (and thus for ourselves!)

And this is a special New Year, because MANY great updates and changes are coming to Joy School and to ValuesParenting!  We are so glad to have you on board as a ValuesParenting member and fellow lover and supporter of all things family!

We are now into the long and thorough process of creating Joy School 2.0.  As this Joy School year progresses, you will see that we have eliminated and edited some of the old and dated aspects of the original Joy School (so you won’t be using stories that refer to pay phones or records anymore!)

And during the course of the year, we have a team of dedicated curriculum writers (who are also moms and 10 year veterans of Joy School) hard at work on a completely updated and revised Joy School curriculum for next year.  We will call it Joy School 2.0.

It will be organized better, take less mom-preparation time, include lots of new stories and new ideas, and be more modern and tailored to the world our kids grow up in today.

Equally important, the ValuesParenting and Joy School websites are going to be completely re-designed and updated.  Not only the function and capabilities of websites have changed—but also the needs and concerns of parents; and the new websites will reflect these new needs and the new world that our kids live in.
We see ourselves as your parenting consultants, as your family advisors!  ValuesParenting is a PARENTS website and we want it to be so relevant and so compelling that you visit it often, and take away just what you and your kids need.

We are totally excited about all of this, and think you will be too!  Spread the word!
Tell your friends!  Joy School lives!  ValuesParenting lives! And right NOW is the time to join and to be involved so that you will get to see all the improvements and changes as they come on line.

One Last thing,  Our new book, THE TURNING, has made it up to #2 on Amazon in the Marriage and Family category.  If you don’t have it yet, click here, The Turning.

Friday, August 15, 2014

The Turning

We've shared so much together over the years--on parenting and families--and we appreciate all the support you have given us. You know about our new book THE TURNING and we really need your help in getting more people to go to the new website and know about the book and the movement it represents.

Would you just take five minutes and have a look at It's updated and improved now, and it illustrates that the new book is just the tip of the iceberg and that the iceberg is a movement toward strengthening families across the globe.

On you can see graphic representations of some of the most frightening statistics about family deterioration; you can see the first 40 pages of the book; you can do one-touch send-outs of facebook and twitter messages; you can click to directly order the book at a discount on Amazon, and most importantly, you can sign up for Team Turning which will keep you posted on this whole movement as it evolves.

We would appreciate it so much if you would do that, and if you would quickly forward this message on to as many friends and family members as you can. The month of August is the key to everything, because it is the launch of this movement and because if enough books are pre ordered, it will debut in September on the bestseller lists and thus reach many more parents

We know it sounds a little corny, but we really do believe that the one way this world will be saved is "one family at a time." Please help us with "Turning the Hearts."
© Copyright 2007, All rights reserved.